Try This Natural Diet With Eggs: A Healthy Way to 30 Kilograms Less In Only 3 Months! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Weight loss is one of the biggest challenges with which we face at some point in our lives,some of us have faced this challenge more than once, because of our hectic and sedentary lifestyle, too many stressors and little time to look after ourselves.

Losing weight has lots of feel-good benefits and above all, it brings the mind and body in shape to deal with everyday life. And one extra plus is the benefit of “looking” good.

There are different ways to do this amazing diet with boiled eggsWe chosen the lightest way that Is based on the lower input of carbohydrates.

To avoid monotony and make your diet efficient you should include some ingredients plus on your daily menu.


– eggs, – chicken, – turkey, – fish, – fruits, – vegetables, – low-carbohydrates, – herbal teas without sugar and

– water.

This way the input of carbohydrates is lowered and remember : the bread, pasta, and potatoes are strictly prohibited.

If you follow this eating regime for three months you can lose to 30 kg.

Hollywood actor Adrian Brody, with this diet, have lost 15 kg in the preparations for his role in The Pianist.
Here what he did: he ate eggs for breakfast, a small piece of grilled chicken for lunch and a piece of fish with steamed vegetables for dinner.

Example dietary plan:

Breakfast: – 2 boiled eggs and half a grapefruit Lunch: – Roast chicken without skin and lettuce Dinner: – 2 egg omelet with spinach and tomatoes

do a lot of exercises to tighten the muscles and the loose skin

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