Unique Homemade Cream to Get Rid of Scars Completely Within 2 Minutes – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Scarring is one of the worst part of the healing process of a wound , skin inflammation, or surgical procedure and its healing .
Taking good care of the injured part of your body will speed up the healing process and decrease the probability for scarring.

There are a lot of creams that can particularly lower the scarring,but there are some of them that are useless so the best is to use this completely natural remedial that is proven to be highly effective for removal of scars in less than 2 weeks.

This homemade cream provides unbelievable results.


¼ cup of cocoa butter
¼ of olive oil

1 tbsp of raw honey

4 drops of lavender oil

How to make it:

1.Melt the cocoa butter over a hot water bath .

2.Add the equal amount of olive oil.

3.Add 1 tbsp of honey .

4.Add 4 drops of lavender oil.

5.Mix and let it sit to cool down.

6. Refrigerate it for 20 minutes and transfer into a jar and seal the lid.

How to use it:

Twice a day: every morning and evening.

Via:  healthtipsportal.com