WARNING : You Should Never Ignore These Types Of Pain, And Here’s Why ! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Pains can appear suddenly and can be accompanied with fever.You must take this pains seriously and consult a specialist immediately .

Here are the types of pain you mustn’t ignore:

Severe and sudden head pain

It can be caused by an aneurysm or swelling in some part of an artery.

Other headaches are gone after drinking a pain medicine.If you have this thunderclap headache don’t go to the hospital instead call 911.
If this headache are a symptom of ruptured aneurysm it can seriously damage your brain very quickly.

The difference with migraine is that migraines are accompanied with light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, nausea and gradual appearance.

In the hospital, perform a CT scan.

Don’t take aspirin, because the bleeding in the brain can increase under its influence.

Sharp and sudden pain between the shoulder blades

Can be a symptom of arthritis or of a heart attack.
Its usually combined with other symptoms like: nausea, jaw pain and shortness of breath.

Call 911.

Pain in the middle back accompanied with fever

It can mean a kidney infection. It’s common in women for bacteria in the urinary tract to reache the kidneys and cause an infection.

One of the first symptoms is pain during urinating.
Consult a doctor, or consume antibiotic therapy,because the bacteria can damage the kidneys permanently.

Pain that moves to the lower right part of the abdomen

Appendicitis is the reason for this symptom. The pain starts in the middle part of the abdomen and then moves downwards and right.

If surgery is not performed on time and the appendix bursts,you can be in a risk of infection of bacteria from the colon.

Menstrual cramps that cannot be treated with medication

The lining of the uterus can grow outside of the uterus and can damage the fertility .This health issue is called endometriosis.

If you have severe menstrual cramps its the best to consult your doctor, and after taking the prescribed medication if you don’t feel better you may need a surgery to remove the tissue outside the uterus.

Tooth pain that does not allow you to sleep

Teeth clenching or grinding can inflame the teeth nerves and destroy the teeth to the root, and then you will have to extraction of the root.

Stress can cause this .

Consult a doctor.

Back ache accompanied with tingling toes

Reason is a slipped disc.

Heavy lifting can injury the spine and the spinal nerve can be pressed by a spinal disc.

Consult a medical professional immediately.

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