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Since ages, all women have dreamed of getting flat and slim stomach. But unfortunately many women and men have to cope with the problems of bulging stomach or tyres around their belly. The worst part is that the dream of getting flat and slim stomach remains elusive even after taking exercise and a healthy diet.

Because we, out of sheer ignorance, make many mistakes, which shatter our dreams of getting flat stomach/belly. But worry no more!This article has come up with very effective 20 tips for losing fat from your belly and getting flat abs/abdomen. Mentioned below are the ways to lose belly fat fast. Read on to know how to lose weight from the stomach and get flat tummy.
What causes the stomach to store fat?

Normally overeating, lack of exercise/physical work, sedentary lifestyle, childbirth make your stomach fatty and bulky. Your stomach is the part of body which functions the digestion in your body. Even a minor digestion disorder can affect your stomach. Fermentation, drinking fizzy drinks and sometimes air swallowed while eating or talking fast, stress, constipation can also make your stomach heavy and bloated.

Tips on How to lose weight from your stomach

1. Up your fiber intake
Make sure you are taking enough fiber in your daily dietary routine. You need 25-30 mg fiber daily for your bowel to function in a good state. But do not overdo it, because more that this amount can cause irritation in intestine, resulting in bloated tummy.

2. Go easy on in between meals binging

Snacking in between meals plays a big role in making your belly bigger and flabby. Whenever you eat, your stomach’s juice starts flowing and digestive system starts functioning. So snacking or binging at a time is allowed, but regular snacking leads to fatty belly and dashes your dream of losing weight from your belly.

3. Choose lean version of meat

If you like meat, then it is the good news for you. Because meat, eggs and chicken fill you with lots of energy without having to worry about increasing your tummy-size or fermentation. Opt for lean version of meat like skinless chicken and egg white to keep the fat away from your stomach. Avoid is mutton as it is packed with lot of calories that may hamper in losing weight from the stomach and making it flat.

4. Choose the fruits and vegetables wisely
Go for the veggies and fruits which can help to flush out the toxins from your body and drain the body completely. Go easy on potatoes, jackfruit, dry fruits, mangoes as they may abet in gaining weight around the stomach and making you pot-bellied. Eat blueberries, spinach, grapefruit, bok chow to help you lose tummy fat.

5. Eat slowly

Eating in a hurry leads to ingesting air and slowing down the digestive system. Give 30 minutes to eating and chew each morsel well. It will control the amount of food you take and make feel satiated earlier.You must follow this tip to lose fat from your belly and making it flat and slim.

6. Eat less salt and sugar

We all know that sugar is one of the main culprits for gaining weight around your tummy. So skimping on sugar is a pretty good idea to get flat belly. Likewise, Salt in excess, leads to water retention around your abdominal areas and runs the risk of making you pot-bellied. So for getting flat and slim belly, stay away from processed food as they are laden with lot of salt.

This tip is very important for losing weight from the stomach and getting flat tummy.

7. Banish all junk foods from your diet and take a healthy diet

Junk foods like pizza, burger, noodles, and pastries have a high caloric value and are too unhealthy. So for getting flat stomach, you have to stay away from them. It is better if you do not keep these foods at home so that you will not be tempted to eat them whenever your mood strikes to eat them. Most junk foods are laden with high amount of processed carbohydrates and sugar, the main cause of bulging and fat tummy. So banish all junk foods from your diet to lose weight from the stomach and get flat tummy. Instead, go for the diet with high concentration of monounsaturated fats(MUFAs) like soybeans, olive oil, canola oil and nuts like avocado, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios and almonds, which help in losing weight around you belly and aid in making your tummy flat. Stop eating late at night as it causes accumulation of fat around your belly. Try to eat at least 2 hours before you go to bed to keep the stomach fat away from your body.

8. Replace good carbohydrates in place of bad carbohydrates Carbohydrates are a powerhouse of energy and give us power to sustain. Bad carbohydrates like pastries, cake, white bread, biscuits lead to accumulation of fat around your stomach and shatter your dream of getting flat tummy/stomach.

Good carbohydrates like brown rice, veggies, fruits, Sweet potatoes are beneficial for your body.

Never ignore this tip to lose weight from the stomach and get flat tummy.

9. Make sure you walk several steps in a day

You must have heard about this tip for losing weight and getting flat abs, but you have not given it much importance.
But you need to understand that walking helps a lot in losing stomach fat and making your abs flat. Only 5 minutes of walk a day can translate into 100 calories burn, resulting into 4.5 kgs weight loss in a year. It is beneficial to wear pedometer for keeping on track. An US multicenter review of 9 walking programs found that the person wearing pedometer walks an mile extra a day and lose a kg in ten weeks. Walk whenever even you feel like. Walking 30 minutes after taking food is very beneficial for keeping the stomach fat away. Walking in the morning is very good way to lose stomach fat/weight fast. If your work is sedentary, then go for treadmill task. It will help you lose weight from all over the body including abdominal areas. Follow this tip for losing stomach fat and making your tummy flat.

10. Breathe properly

Breathe from your stomach instead of chest that helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Lie down on your back and put your hand on your stomach, try to inhale deeply into the shoulder, down your shoulder blades, into rib cages and diaphragm and then exhale well to relax. This tip helps in losing stomach fat and making the tummy flat. Give it a try!
11. Drink a lot of water

Nothing is a healthy alternative to plain water to keep you hydrated. Make it a point to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep the constipation away and boost the metabolism. It is advisable not to drink water immediately after meal to speed up the digestion. Drinking water after meal can make your stomach fat. Drink water one hour after meal to prevent the belly fat. Follow this tip to lose fat from your belly and making your abs flat.

12. Sleep properly

Sleeping too much or too little can lead to weight gain around your whole body including the belly. Skimping on sleep leads to rise is appetite and affects the insulin sensitivity, thereby leading to weight gain.
On the other hand, sleeping a lot can make your body heave and lethargic. A study conducted in Canada with 276 adults, revealed that people who sleep 9-10 hours a day gain 1.5 more kilos than those who slept around 8 hours a day, over six years. Never do the mistake of sleeping after a heavy meal, it surely makes your stomach fat and bloated. So kick out this unhealthy habit of taking rest after taking heavy meal. If you are spending too much time in the bed,you must go to doctor as it may be because of some underlying health problems. So sleep well to lose weight from the stomach and make your tummy flat.

13. Eat breakfast on time every day

Eating breakfast after one hour after you wake up, it makes your insulin level steadier and LDL cholesterol level( a bad kind of cholesterol) lower.
Take food rich in protein and fiber they take more time to process than complex carbohydrates, that will lead to you feeling full all day.Do not include pasta, sweetened juice, wafer, pancake ,muffins or French toast in your breakfast every day. As they contribute to fat storage around your tummy. Ban them completely to lose weight from your stomach and make it flat.

14. Try to address the underlying stress

If you are living under stress, it can have impact on hormones such as adrenaline, corticotrophin and cortisol, that can increase your appetite and make you store more fat around your body including waist and stomach. Normally cortisol peaks in the morning and takes a dip all day long. But a US study showed that that people facing stress face drop of cortisol in the evening. And they take resort to caloric dense diet, which increases the belly fat. So whenever stresss plagues your mind, then listen to music or go for walk. Try meditation too to ease off the stress. Never ignore this tip for losing belly fat.

15. Do not drink too many calories

We cannot gauge how much calories we imbibe from taking liquids like cold drinks, packaged fruit juices, artificial beverages and alcohol . But remember, all these can add to few kilos to your body. Data from the Harvard Nurses’ health study 2, which had been conducted on 51,603 women, reveals that women who took cold drinks once a week or twice gain around 4-5 kgs over 4 years. So keep track of whatever you are drinking to avoid weight gain. Green tea is an immensely good choice for weight- watchers. Drink green tea twice a day to lose fat from your belly and make it flat.

16. Do not cave on craving too much
It is normal to cave on craving sometimes, but you should do it in moderation. If you cannot resist chocolate or pizza, then cut them into four quarter and then eat only one. If you cannot ban these things, then you have to learn how to balance it to be in shape. Otherwise, you will never be able to lose stomach weight and get flat tummy.

17. Measure your weight quite often

Do not forget to measure your weight as you weight may fluctuate, so it is better to measure your weight regularly and feel the change in your body. Take waist to hip ratio- that is circumference of waist divided by circumference of hip. It is a good marker to know if you need to lose weight from your belly. Women/girls should have the ratio of 0.8 or below and men/boys should have 0.9 or less. More that this signals you need to lose extra weight around your stomach.

18. Know how to burn calories/ fat

You have to burn more calories than you consume to reduce fat from your whole body. It needs 3700 calories to burn a pound, so make sure to burn 3700 calories in a week through exercise and dieting. Remember, to lose weight from the tummy, you need to keep your whole body in shape. Women need 2000 calories and men need 2200 calories per day. But do not aim to drop stomach fat too fast,as burning more than 2 pounds a week lead to crash dieting and weakness, which lead to gain back the kilos fast what you have shed.

19. Try anti-cellulite creams and oil/gels

Nowadays the market is full of many anti-cellulite creams /oils/gels/ which melt away the ungainly fat stored in your belly. All these help to make your belly flat and slim quickly . Nowadays anti-cellulite treatments are available specially designated for your fatty abdominal areas. Try this tip! It helps in burning stomach fat fast and making your abs flat.

20. Take exercise to reduce stomach fat and tone up the abdominal muscles/abs

Taking exercise is the best way to tone up your stomach muscles and lose weight quickly. These are several sets of exercise will help to give you a flat tummy and toned up abs. Research has shown that Interval training or short burst of energy can help you to tone abs muscles more quickly than traditional exercises. Aerobic exercises make you heart pumping and promote weight loss from all over the body. So go for it. Use stairs instead of lift to keep weight gain at bay and keep yourself active.

Skip the crunches as crunches will make muscle leading to flabbier belly as abdominal crunches target core muscles and build up strong muscles and thicker abs.

Squatting is very helpful for reducing belly fat. Stand up with your feet 8-9 inches apart and extend your arm in front of you and squat your hip backward. Do four sets 15-20 squats, doing many times at a time.

Cardiovascular exercises like running or exercising on the treadmill 3 days per week is very effective for reducing stomach fat fast. Running is the best way to lose weight quickly. Run as fast as you can for 20 seconds and then return to walk until you relax. Repeat this process for ten minutes. But remember you must give 4 days to tone up and build up muscle. Working out every day will not get give proper time to your body to recover and build up muscle, resulting in injury or fatigue. Do resistance training along with cardio to lose more fat around your abs and get flat and sexy abs. According to the study conducted in 2006, published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, if cardiovascular exercise is combined with resistance training, then it yields much better results in losing belly fat than relying on cardiovascular training alone. You can try exercise machines, free weights and resistance bands for resistance training.

These surely help in burning stomach fat and giving you a flat belly very fast. Now you know the best 20 tips for losing fat from your belly and getting flat abs/abdomen. So you know how to lose weight from the stomach and get flat tummy. All these tips are very effective for losing stomach fat. So after learning several ways to lose belly fat fast, make a firm resolution to follow them religiously and go sexier!

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