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What is This Bikram Yoga? Learn About Bikram 26 Yoga Poses

What is This Bikram Yoga?

I think most peoples know what is Yoga exactly. These days we are talking about a charming yoga method. Its called Bikram Yoga. It helps you to increase your inner and outer health.

Most peoples have an idea what they are doing, why they’re doing this. But some peoples missing that part. They do that without any goals. Remember you don’t know if you have the power of personality to do Yoga right way. So be careful with your exercises and meditations.

Young Bikram Choudhury

In 1972, Bikram yoga could recover internal tissue presented in the International Medical Conference. Bikram Yoga was found by Bikram Choudhury, a yoga innovator and a yoga practitioner. Bikram had to face a weight lifting accident. So after he determined to recover using Yoga. He investigated the Yoga method as a healing method for him. He got good results from that method. So, many peoples found that the Bikram Yoga method is beneficial for a healing body. It can replenish cells and assist in the lymphatic system, flushing toxins from the body.

Furthermore, It helps your body from higher oxygen flows. Most peoples are doing this Bikram yoga for healing benefits. But there is a robust, holistic component. Therefor some regular peoples do Bikram yoga that behind the fact.

Bikram Choudhury Yoga Class

Yoga is the best solution to increase mental health and physical health. It will change your lifestyle, perspective, and world view. So let’s talk What this Bikram Yoga is. You know it as Hot yoga method follows this Bikram Yoga often. It has multiple goals to build inner and outer health strengths. This Yoga required your flexibility and balance of your body and mind. I believe you can get this balance and flexibility from your practice and exercise.


The key to Bikram Yoga increases your mental health and power. If you have an idea to be master of this side of Yoga you can get Physical befits as Tokyo university hospital scientists saying. They have been proven that. They have been shown that heal chronic ailments and recover tissue injuries.

Bikram found this yoga method, and he published some facts about this. As he said, you need a well-balanced body. It’s an important thing. It affects your body healing process. he has demonstrated 26 exercises. And you have to do these exercises every day to get good results. Bikram Yoga is a low impact and can be performed by people of all different ages.


Know Bikram Yoga before you go!

Different studios offer Yoga in hot or warm rooms, but you need to know that Bikram yoga is all total another game before you begin. Bikram is a sub-branch of Hatha which combines breathing and postures. Every class of the Bikram consists of 26 set poses in a room that the temperature of 104 degrees. These poses are taught by a certified trainer who has attained sufficient knowledge about the Yoga Bikram. Bikram yoga poses are challenging, and they can lead you to immense injury if you don’t perform them the right way. Now that your question about Bikram yoga is answered let’s Jump to the practices that will help you avoid the injury and remain active in Bikram yoga.

Aiding the body


The room temperature during the Bikram yoga is immensely hot, and it supports your joints to perform in their full capacity. Yoga can be beneficial for people whose joints are sore. The room temperature aids the body support the joints’ movement, and hence a person with a disability of Knee might also take part in Bikram yoga.

The only thing that aids the body during Bikram yoga is proper breathing. If you are planning to take part in the Yoga, you need to keep in mind that breathing is that one thing that will help you stay fit and perform well in all 26 sets of Bikram yoga.

Preventing excessive heat

There is a debate among the Bikram yoga benefits and losses; the people who are critics of the exercise believe that the room’s excessive heat can push the people beyond their limitations. It becomes problematic when the body cools down. The argument is valid because the heat of the room raises the body’s temperature, and the people do not realize the pain caused by the exercise. Still, when the body cools down, the pain starts to appear, and the people start questioning Bikram yoga.

But we have good news for you. You can prevent excessive heat by going slowly and gradually increasing the poses or duration. A beginner must begin by doing Bikram yoga for limited time duration and then with the passage of time shall increase the period. This will help the individuals to refrain from doing excessive exercise immediately and causing body pain.

Now you might be wondering how you deal with the heat present in the room, well, the next section of the article will give you an action plan to prevent the heat present in the room.

Your action plan to prevent the heat

Getting prepared –Now you know that you are about to be in a room with a hotter temperature, you must be prepared for it ahead of time. First of all, you need to ensure that you are hydrated for Bikram yoga, you can plan your day accordingly and start to drink water 24 hours before the Yoga but while hydrating yourself, make sure not to drink too much water just before the begging of your class. This will make your bladder full, which might become problematic when taking the Bikram yoga class. You also need to ensure that you have taken enough energy by consuming enough food, the same rule applies to the meals, make sure not to eat two hours before the class yoga begins.

Dress to impress –When it comes to dressing, the bottom line principle is to wear the clothes that will make you comfortable while exercising. Certainly, nobody wants to wear those loose clothes that will make them uncomfortable during the whole exercise. The recommended clothes are men are nice shorts and a fitting Shirt is necessary, and the women shall wear a nice sports bra with a comfy short.

Choose bottle service –You need to carry a water bottle with yourself to keep hydrated, generally, if you have drunk enough water before the class, it won’t be required that you drink water now and then. But the body requirement for everyone is different so you can keep a bottle next to your mat and keep hydrating yourself with water if required.

The necessary equipment –Equipment is essential for proper exercising. However, most the Bikram yogi schools provide an exercising mat but some people might not be comfortable with them, so the best advice for you is to keep a mat of your own so that you don’t have to look for the perfect mat during the exercises. Along with the mat you also need to carry a hand towel so that you can wipe the sweat off. Frequently wiping out the sweat can make it difficult for your body to adjust according to the temperature, so you are advised only to wash your sweat off when most imminent.

Speak up –Before the class begins, you must speak up about the injuries that you have had. The instructor’s conversation will help him/her understand your physical condition, and he/she will help you out by telling you how to avoid putting pressure on those specific points.

Ease out – Once you are done with your yoga class, you need to ease out by hydrating yourself and resting out your body, this will help you take maximum health benefits of Bikram yoga.

Difference between Bikram Yoga and hot Yoga

Hot Yoga and Bikram yoga are two different things, although some people might use both the terms interchangeably, in reality, both these terms are additional. The table below shows the difference between both of them.

Bikram Yoga

Hot Yoga

It is one style of Hot yoga Hot Yoga follows a vinyasa style of practice
It is a unique yoga that consists of 26 poses. The teacher teaches  the students in a series of poses
Some hot yoga classes might follow the format of Bikram yoga. The temperature of the room is between 95 to 105 degree

Final word

Although there are numerous Bikram health benefits, the beginners need to be careful not to harm their bodies. The physical Bikram yoga benefits can only be achieved with consistency and gradual increase. People with health conditions are not encourage taking part in the activities, and if they have to do it at all costs, they must first consult the instructor. If he/she recommends them, they should take part in the Bikram yoga practices else they shall refrain from it to avoid severe injuries to their health. 

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