You Can’t Beat Baby Powder In Your Bed. Here’s Why! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Probably like most of people you haven’t notice how much things you have that you used only once, so sit for a minute and take a look around the room. There will be probably 100 different things. For instance, you can use eggshells to whiten your laundry, hairspray to protect your leather shoes etc. However, baby powder can do much more than simply protect your baby from diaper rash. Moreover, it has countless other uses, and here are some of them:

When it comes to baby powder, it’s great solution for greasy hair. If you are in a rush and have no time to wash your hair, just put some baby powder and you’ll get freshly and shiny hair. All you need to do is sprinkle some baby powder on your hairline before going to bed. The ingredients found in the powder will absorb the excess oil from your scalp and will mattify oily roots.

Also applying baby powder is good in the beauty part. If you apply baby powder on your face before makeup will help your foundation stay in place. It can be the perfect substitute for the expensive traditional face powders.

You may not know but baby powder is also helpful as an aftershave since it has the ability to soothe redness and irritation, and moisturize the skin.

Moreover, it can be used as an eyelash lengthener. Apply a base coat of mascara, then apply some baby powder using an eyeshadow brush. Finally, apply the final coat of mascara.

This tip is for women with extremely thin eyebrows. They just need to brush some baby powder on the eyebrows before applying an eyebrow powder. Your brows will look fuller and thicker.

Here is another beauty tip. Baby powder can make your lipstick last longer. Apply a layer of color and then take a tissue and put it over your lips. Next, dust some baby powder over the tissue. Apply a second layer of color to you lips. You won`t believe the effect, and how long the lipstick will last!

Here is one for more painful beauty innervation. It’s about waxing, can make it less painful. Simply apply baby powder to your skin before waxing.

Baby powder can effectively prevent blisters and help you get rid of smelly feet. Put some baby powder in your shoes to absorb the extra moisture that causes the bad smell and which leads to blisters.

This one if for the summer hot days. You just need to sprinkle baby powder on your bed sheets on hot summer nights to cool you down even when there is no air conditioning in the room.

It is also very beneficial for treating pimples due to its ability to absorb excessive oils and to soothe inflamed skin.

It can also be used as antiperspirant. It is quite cheap and aluminum-free.

At the end here is a good one. Apply baby powder on your legs before getting dressed to prevent the annoying rubbing of your thighs, which can make you feel very uncomfortable.

Via: healthyfoodteam.com