Your Eyebrows Say A Lot About Your Personality – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Jean Haner is an expert for so-called “face reading,” says that our eyebrows reveal a lot for us .It shows our confidence level, our logic, our motivation and our organizational skills.

Do you believe that your eyebrows show what kind of person you really are? Here is something to read on and discover your eyebrows say about you.

1. Curved Eyebrows
Curved eyebrows show that this person is a perfectionist. His friends see him as someone with strong visual perception because he notices physical details faster than the others.

2. If Your Eyebrows Curve, You Likewise Have a Creative Side
People with angled eyebrows are considered as creative, crafty and talented. No matter what they do, if they are willing they can make something out of nothing.

3. Naturally Straight Eyebrows
People with straight eyebrows are reliable and down-to-earth. If you have this kind of eyebrows than who knows you everyone can depend on you in times of need.

4. Straight Eyebrows Also Indicate Sensible Approach
These eyebrows are usually on a face of an exceptionally calm person , a person that can do multitasking at any time.

5. Eyebrows with an Upward Curve
Upward curve has people who are prone to the rivalry.This person is ambitious and are you should hire them to do supervisory positions.

6. Upward Curving Eyebrows Can Also Indicate aHardWorking Attitude
WIN! WIN! WIN! The thing that this person can’t accept under any circumstances .These people are usually overindulging at work, which can sometimes seriously affect your relationship.

7. Eyebrows That Curve
People with curving eyebrows are reasonable and sensible,but sometimes their feelings overpower their reason. This type of eyebrows also indicates balance.

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